What is Compit

The “Conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries”, COMPIT, has been held so far

  • in 2000 in Potsdam/ Germany
  • in 2003 in Hamburg/ Germany
  • in 2004 in Siguenza/ Spain
  • in 2005 in Hamburg/ Germany
  • in 2006 in Delft/ Netherlands
  • in 2007 in Cortona/ Italy
  • in 2008 in Liege/ Belgium
  • in 2009 in Budapest/ Hungary
  • in 2010 in Gubbio/ Italy
  • in 2011 in Berlin/ Germany
  • in 2012 in Liege/ Belgium
  • in 2013 in Cortona/ Italy
  • in 2014 in Redworth/ UK
  • in 2015 in Ulrichshisen/ Germany

with an average 70 participants, approximately 50:50 from industry and academia.

The basic concept of keeping all participants in a nice conference venue combining conference facilities and accommodation allows maximum interaction and contacts between participants.

Selected papers (typically 7) of the COMPIT conference are reprinted in journals for even wider dissemination.

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